Wool fleece made of merino wool – A new innovation challenging traditional fleece and college

9.4.2022, Kati Jukarainen

Wool fleece is a breakthrough that has been looked forward to! The result of a year’s product development is merino fleece providing multi-fold benefits compared with traditional polyester fleece. North Outdoor’s new merino fleece collection combines the unsurpassed characteristics of merino wool and the stylish look of college wear. 

Sustainable fleece is made of merino wool.

More environmentally-friendly choice

Merino fleece is a real breakthrough in the textile sector, since the material can be used to replace previously generally used polyester fleece, which is made of petroleum. The best way to reduce the microplastic load caused by textile industry is to replace man-made fibres with natural materials.

The major part of the environmental load of textile products is caused already during the wash. Products containing plastic-based materials emit microplastics into the wastewater generated in the wash during their entire life span. 

The environmental sustainability of merino fleece consists of three factors: the high utilisation rate of environmentally sustainable material, long life span and reduced need for washing. Merino fleece is 95% biodegradable. Considerable increase in the life span of the product can be achieved by adding 5% elastane to the product.

There is hardly ever need to wash merino fleece, because merino wool is an antibacterial material by nature. It cleanses itself in fresh air removing even the odours of sweat and smoke. If you wish, you may wash merino fleece garments by machine. The easiest way for both you and nature, is to hang your garments after use for airing. Clean merino fleece garments are ready for use as early as after a few hours.

What is merino fleece?

Merino fleece is loose merino knit with soft brushed inside. The outside is smooth and elegant looking. The skin feel of the knit is particularly soft and comfortable. Because the knit is airy, a merino fleece garment feels light to wear. It has been possible to include all the other benefits of merino wool in the new fleece products, too. The garments are breathable and antibacterial, balancing heat and transferring moisture away from the skin.

Because merino fleece products balance heat, the garment is particularly warm in winter, being, however, cool in a warm weather. Fleece is no longer a heat providing element, but instead, a lot more. Differing from the traditional polyester fleece, merino fleece products are perfectly suitable to be worn all year long. Thanks to the heat balancing characteristic, it is possible to produce also products suitable for the summer season, such as shorts, made of merino fleece. The new material is suitable to be used in all products that have previously been made of fleece or college.

How do merino fleece products then differ from other similar products made of different material? The most significant difference is in the feel. Even though the material feels thicker, the garment isn’t heavy. The skin feel of merino fleece differs from that of polyester fleece. No itching, no sticky, sweaty feeling or rubbing. Merino fleece won’t either get pilled in use as easily as polyester fleece, forming easily lint balls.

Merino fleece – garments for every season

The most comfortable hoodies, track pants, shorts and dresses are now made of merino fleece. We have tested merino fleece products in a versatile manner, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Our new collection is perfect for the spring: fresh and trendy!

The best thing in these products is their premium quality that you can really feel. Merino fleece garments are at the same time conveniently relaxed, flexible and elegantly well-structured. An absolute asset is the fact that merino fleece fabric keeps its form and does not stretch or get loose when used. Our new collection consists of products for both men and women.  The garments are suitable for leisure time, outdoor activities and sports. The garments in this collection provide a perfect basis for an active person’s wardrobe all year long.


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