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Merinowool midseason clothing for children and youth

6.8.2019, Karoliina Borodavkin

Weather circumstances vary a lot in the autumn, and therefore, merino wool midseason garments offer a great relief to all the big fuss involving the choosing of appropriate clothes for kindergarten and school aged children. You’ll find several warm and breathable alternatives in North Outdoor collection for both a mild autumn weather and icy, piercing wind. You can use the same gear all autumn and winter season.


LAAVU midlayer

Children´s dressing in layers

Layering clothes and its benefits suit as well for children as adults. Because experiencing cold varies between every individual, adjusting the number of layers makes it easier to prepare for different weather circumstances. Layering clothes as its name suggests means dressing in several layers of clothing. The air between the layers makes you feel warm. Merino wool for its part balances body temperatures. For that reason, merino wool layers suit children excellently. A child feels warm also in peaceful play, even though he or she was sitting on the ground. The breathability of merino wool for its part is emphasized in moving, high-tempo play and games. One does not ever feel uncomfortable. Well-fitting merino wool base and midlayer combination feels light and flexible on. Therefore, you’ll never feel stiff in active play and games.


SENSITIVE base layer

A high-quality baselayer belongs to every child’s basic gear for the autumn-winter season. ACTIVE is the sure basic choice for a 100% merino wool baselayer set. SENSITIVE has a bamboo knit under the merino knit. Thanks to the double knit, this baselayer set is suitable for even the most sensitive child. Layering clothes is also an ecological choice. The same items of merino wool clothing can be worn from autumn to spring or even all year long. You can create several different combinations varying the number of layers, using the same pieces of clothing. You can accompany merino wool clothing with various items of shell and padded clothing.

Soft knitwear and nicest accessories

There are several knitwear items in North Outdoor collection, sized for children and youth, made in Finland. Knitwear, sweaters and jumpers function as a midlayer or items providing additional warmth. This kind of garment is particularly practical for a school-aged child. A light knitted garment is easy to put on or to take off. If an afternoon is warmer than a morning, a knitted garment is light to carry in the backpack or to wrap around the waist. A knitted garment that looks good suits well also for a teenager. Like other merino wool clothes knitwear do not have sweat odours. An antibacterial knitted garment is always fresh! You may wear also a LAAVU cardigan in a way of any other knitwear item; it also functions as a midlayer on top of the baselayer set.


KIIRUNA JR sweater

Try these for a child of the size 74–116:

Try these for young person of the size 122–152:

Accessories and socks:

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