The misty National Landscape of Koli was captured by Harri Tarvainen for the package of Sensitive collection

16.11.2021, Kati Jukarainen

Sensitive collection is a merino wool collection designed for those with particularly sensitive skin. The products are suitable also for those, who are usually tickled by wool. What could describe this collection better than the misty light and soft view from the top of Koli? The arresting image for the collection was taken by Harri Tarvainen. Take a look at the new image of the collection in the blog.


The chance to be able to capture the Sensitive image depended on hours

Harri Tarvainen’s images often come into being in moments where one can challenge himself.  Hunting fabulous landscapes is a familiar thing for Tarvainen: ’I like to challenge myself; the best shooting sessions are those where I can wake up in a tent and then sweat climbing on top of a fell’.

The image taken for Sensitive collection also required a climbing effort. The shooting trip was made particularly exciting by the short time window that couldn’t be expected in advance. 

’We climbed toUkko-Koli, the highest peak of Koli, before the sunrise to capture the morning light and trees covered with crown snow-load. A few hours after the shooting session, temperature rose above zero, and heavy wind dropped the crown snow-load off the trees. By the evening, almost all the crown snow-load was gone. If we had got there a couple of hours later, the next chance to capture those trees covered by crown snow-load might not have been until the next year’, Tarvainen tells us about the unforgettable moment. 

People have always felt that the Koli national landscape captured on the cover of the Sensitive package is fascinating. ‘The image shows one of the most classic Finnish landscapes. A view that has inspired Finnish artists as early as at the time when the Finnish identity was about to be built’, Tarvainen tells us about the image. 

Images for North Outdoor collections have been taken by leading Finnish nature photographers. The image for Sensitive collection was taken by Harri Tarvainen. You can see images taken by him for example on Instagram.

’Inspiration can be found even in very surprising places’ 

Harri Tarvainen started his photography hobby when practicing snowboarding and skateboarding. Taking photographs is a natural part of the culture in those sports. Over time, camera has also become an instrument. Tarvainen still likes to shoot images of people as a part of the environment.

’I remember when, for the very first time, I saw an image taken by myself, published on a Finnish snowboarding magazine, and I thought that I’d love to do this for my living. Even though shooting images of boarding sports is today only a small part of my job, I still have a chance to shoot people outside at different activities’.

Tarvainen shoots a vast majority of his images in nature. He carries a camera along also in leisure time. ‘I like taking images all alone or for instance with my dog. Then I’m not working, but instead, my camera functions as a ‘notepad’ and some kind of interpreter. As a photographer, there is only a fine line between work and a hobby, and you can find inspiration in rather surprising places’, Tarvainen tells us. 

In nature, Tarvainen pays a lot of attention to details. ’As far as nature photography is concerned, perhaps the most fascinating thing is the fact that a camera functions as a kind of amplifier between nature and man. When travelling with a camera, a person is automatically more open and more curious, paying more attention to such small details in nature that would remain entirely unnoticed without a camera’. 


Turns of seasons provide a lot of inspiration. ’When summer turns to autumn, and autumn to winter, the change becomes visible in light and small details in nature. You might say that exceptional circumstances create exceptional images, too’, Tarvainen opens.

Instead of new shooting locations, Tarvainen prefers to visit the same destinations in different seasons and at different times of a day. He shoots images in particular near his home in Oulu and his cottage in Kuusamo.

’In Koillismaa I’m fascinated by the versatility of nature and the environment; on the other hand, in Oulu by the frozen sea and long, low beaches with their reflections’.

After having wandered a lot in the Northern nature and on the coastline of Oulu, this has made Tarvainen also to think about the current state of nature.

’The images and moments connected with these places have brought up a concern about the future of cold winters and about the state of old forests and their inhabitants’, Tarvainen ponders. 

Sensitive is a warm merino wool collection for those with sensitive skin

The merino products in Sensitive collection have a non-tickling bamboo knit on the inner side, and thanks to this inner layer, the garment is soft against the skin without sacrificing any of the warmth. The collection contains various baselayer products for women, men and children. In addition to a traditional shirt, there are baselayer shirts available with a high zip collar.  Besides this, there are soft tube scarves that feel comfortable against your neck. The new delicious colours in the collection are mélange mulberry and olive. 

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