The image for Active collection shows the surge of Myllykoski Rapids in Kuusamo National Park, captured by photographer Daniel Taipale

9.11.2021, Kati Jukarainen

Active is a merino wool collection designed for active life. The collection consists of 100% merino wool baselayer garments and accessories. The image for the collection was captured by well-known nature photographer and adventurer Daniel Taipale. Take a look at the article and the new image of Active.


Active image shows the rapids surging at freezing temperatures
exceeding minus 30 degrees Celsius

The image for Active collection was captured by experienced traveller Daniel Taipale on a wintery shooting trip in the Oulanka National Park. When an extremely cold period coincided with the shooting trip made with a group of friends, it inspired to head to Oulanka.

’As far as I can remember, the frost was about -34°C. We had got the car started and wanted to see the surging rapids in extreme frost’.

Extreme cold weather had its advantages, too, as there were no other people there braving the frost. ’There weren’t any other people there at that time, and therefore, we had the chance to enjoy the place by ourselves. A small beam of light during a short day was such as it brought a warm atmosphere to this nice memory of the moment of shooting the image’, Taipale recalls.

The images for North Outdoor collections have been taken by leading Finnish nature photographers. The image for Active collection was taken by Daniel Taipale. You can see images taken by him for example on Instagram, where Taipale has the amazing 190 thousand followers.


Daniel Taipale is fascinated by the versatility of nature photography

Daniel Taipale enjoys versatile activities offered by shooting images in nature.

’So many different senses are combined in nature photography, which is amazing’, Taipale tells us. And the actual being in nature is the most important thing for him.

Taipale grabbed a camera as early as almost 20 years ago.

’I’ve started photography as a part of the hobby of my youth, i.e. snowboarding. Nature, a person’s connection with nature and to document those things had such a big role, already at that time’, Taipale tells us about the early stages of his career as a photographer.

Taipale still prefers to shoot and document the interaction between human and nature. As an example of this, he mentions hiking, which is close to his heart.

’I, myself, like the areas near Kuusamo, perhaps because of the variation in them. Of course, the northern fell landscapes are beyond compare regardless of the season’, Taipale tells us about his favourite shooting destinations.

Taipale thinks the nicest season to shoot images is autumn.

’Nature is full of the joy of colours, and the weather changes often a lot; for this reason, images are more individualistic. Temperature still is very human at this time of the year’, concludes Taipale.

Active collection for the outdoor enthusiasts of their own lives

100% merino wool knit ensures that you’ll enjoy all the benefits offered by merino wool in full! The garments and accessories included in the Active collection are absolutely warm, breathable and antibacterial. In addition to this, the clothes transfer moisture really effectively to the next layer. That’s why you always feel dry, when you wear a baselayer set or underwear of the Active collection. Being antibacterial ensures the fact that the garment cleanses itself in fresh air. For this reason, even the odour of sweat won’t stick to these garments. North Outdoor recommends Active collection for active outdoor exercise and working outdoors.

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