The frost image for Arctic collection was captured by nature photographer Konsta Linkola

13.12.2021, Kati Jukarainen

Arctic is a merino wool collection inspired by the demanding northern circumstances. Regardless of how cold it is – Arctic certainly works. The icy frost image for the collection was captured by Konsta Linkola, a well-known nature photographer. Take a look at the new look of the collection in the article. 


The Arctic image was created on a backcountry ski trip

Nature photographer Konsta Linkola is always present in the images he takes. ‘Even though I shoot a forest without any hiker or a lake without anyone rowing there, I’m always mentally present in the image’, Linkola tells us about his shooting philosophy. There are often also people in the images, because Linkola is inspired by people’s relationship with nature, and the things they do there. ‘Objectively speaking, it often seems completely mad; however, when you observe a hiker or a person going to swim into a hole made in the ice for longer, you’ll start to get into their state of mind’.  

The image for Arctic collection has been take in the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park on a backcountry ski trip. This image is also personally close to Linkola. The cover of the package shows Linkola’s brother and father on a moonlight trip. The threesome left their gear in the camp and headed for a night ski to enjoy the starry sky.

’A backcountry ski trip has become a shared tradition for our family, and almost every year, we have been hiking in winter somewhere in Lapland. Backcountry skiing is a wonderful sport, as it brings the expedition to a really close space, where everyone encourages and helps one another. Without a mate you wouldn’t necessarily make it’, Linkola tells us about the demanding sport and the feelings at the time of shooting the image’.

Images for North Outdoor’s collections have been taken by the leading Finnish nature photographers. The image for Arctic collection was shot by Konsta Linkola.


Konsta Linkola documents the life of people who love nature 

’Even though Finland is full of beautiful places, you’ll find the best ones are those where you feel good’, Linkola tells us about the location where he prefers to shoot images. There isn’t always need for anything special. Linkola continues: ’For me, the best place is often the cabin where there are good people. For many Finns, a cabin is the most familiar ’interface’ to nature, and a getaway from the busy everyday life’.

A camera has stayed in Linkola’s hands ever since he was a teenager. A hobby commenced in a boy scouts’ camp carried him away. ‘The hobby started here has taken me around the world for almost ten years. I studied for a year in Berlin. However, I noticed I learn better myself through the work’, Linkola tells us about his career. 

Linkola is a versatile and open-minded photographer: ’I’m omnivorous in that respect that I find good trips and activities in every season. Autumn is a really nice season, as the ground and the trees are coloured by the autumn tint, and the Northern Lights begin to show on the night skies that are getting darker’.

Linkola always shoots images outside. He enjoys commercial productions, because they allow him to work with other creative persons. ‘These productions can be in principle anything; however, basically, outside of the studio’, Linkola says.

Photography is important for Linkola also in leisure time: ’For my own pleasure and for art’s sake I focus on shooting people in nature, and our impact on our environment. Nevertheless, year after year, I begin to get the taste of portrait photography, too’ Linkola concludes.

Get to know Konsta Linkola´s website in here.

You can admire images taken by Konsta Linkola on Instagram, where Linkola has over 47 thousand followers.

Arctic is a merino wool collection for the demanding northern circumstances 

Arctic is a high-quality midlayer collection offering several good options for extremely warm dressing. Arctic merino wool garments can be worn as a mid-layer in extreme frost. The thicker baselayer sets can be worn also against the skin. The new item in the collection is boxers with long legs for both men and women. Arctic garments are easy to combine with North Outdoor’s other, thinner baselayer sets. 

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