Terhi Tuovinen had only a moment’s time window to capture the impressive image for Intense pro collection

7.12.2021, Kati Jukarainen

Intense pro is a merino wool collection for active persons. The products of this versatile collection have been designed to be worn all year long. The powerful and Intense pro is a merino wool collection for active persons. The products of this versatile collection have been designed to be worn all year long. The powerful and intensive image for the collection was captured by nature photographer Terhi Tuovinen.


A moment before the landscape was conquered by mist

Intuition plays a significant role in nature photography. Because nature follows schedules and whims of its own, it is not always possible to forecast events. Experience, however, helps one to anticipate good opportunities to capture images. This is what happened also to Terhi Tuovinen.

’Wewere in the cabin, and I saw through the window that a wide mist formation was covering fells and the sky. Nevertheless, I decided to go out and tune my camera ready, when the green of the Northern Lights was glimmering dimly from behind the mist’, Tuovinen tells us about the occasion of shooting the image.

The image for Intense pro collection was created on a trip to a cabin in Muonio. The image has been taken towards the direction of the Pallastunturi fells. It was only a matter of moments.

’The fells came out in a way that I could take a few images before it all was covered by the mist again.’

And the image captured was truly impressive. 

Images for North Outdoor’s collections have been taken by the leading Finnish nature photographers. The image for Intense pro collection was shot by Terhi Tuovinen.


Visual expression is a life-long journey

’It is now well over 10 years when I bought my first SLR camera. After that my camera has travelled along, sometimes more, sometimes less’, Tuovinen says.

Tuovinen is from Ivalo. Spending time in nature was a way of life for the family, and all spare time was spent outdoors. Photography seemed a natural choice for Tuovinen, who spent a lot of time in nature. She also studied photography in a university of applied sciences in the department of visual arts for approximately five years. For her, it took a long time to find her own style.

‘After my studies I’ve started to find more the style and view of my own; it, however, will certainly be a life-long journey’, Tuovinen ponders. 

Tuovinen gets especially excited about the northern nature, which is particularly close to her heart. 


You can see more images taken by Terhi Tuovinen on her Instagram account.

’I guess I won’t ever get tired of following the changing of seasons and the natural cycles in the north. As far as nature photography is concerned, the thing that inspires is the fact that in principle you cannot ever know what comes next, but instead you must be able to throw yourself into the situation. When you shoot nature, you also stop in an entirely different way to observe the environment, and you happen to notice things that you wouldn’t notice otherwise’, Tuovinen tells us.

Tuovinen’s favourite shooting locations are in Lapland: ’It is difficult to point out a single location. I shoot most in the region of Muonio and Inari, but also a lot in Enontekiö and Utsjoki and in Sodankylä’, Tuovinen lists. 

’I enjoy shooting different atmospheres, lights and colours, everything there is in nature. I shoot landscapes a lot. With regard to birds, I’ve tried to shoot images of the willow grouse and ptarmigan the most. Lately, I’ve been attracted by swamps, and the wide Aapa mires of Lapland in particular’. 

Tuovinen finds it hard to choose her favourite season: ’In every season I happen to say that it is my favourite season. I cannot name a single one in any way! All the times of a year are wonderful in a way of their own’, Tuovinen laughs.

Every once in a while, you’ll see also Terhi’s dog Maj in the images. 

Intense pro is a collection for active people 

Intense pro is an ecological collection for people who exercise. This versatile collection consists of shirts, pants, baselayer sets, shorts and tops. The thin and breathable knit feels comfortable against your skin. The odour of sweat won’t stick to this material, antibacterial by nature. Instead of continuous washing, regular airing after use is enough for these garments. During the cold season, Intense pro garments suit perfectly well for dressing in layers. Wear thin merino wool layers, and you won’t ever feel stiff. This way, exercise feels convenient even in winter. 

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