Sara Vanninen loves old buildings – the image for Lux collection was captured in Helsinki

4.1.2022, Kati Jukarainen

Sara Vanninen captured a magnificent city image for the Lux merino wool collection, that consists of timeless and elegant garments. Lux garments, that last long, are suitable to be worn both in daily activities and festive occasions. Read the article and take a look at the new image of the collection.


Lux image came into being out of love for urban photography

’You may not believe it, but this image has been taken in the centre of Helsinki in the darkest time of the year. Due to my work, I follow weather broadcasts a lot, because shooting sessions must be scheduled mostly to sunny weather. One of the advantages of my job is the fact that I can enjoy this rare delight: sunshine in the middle of November’, Sara describes the day when the images for the Lux collection were shot.

Sara tells us that old buildings with their amazing details are her soft spot. She could admire them infinitely. Photography takes Sara outdoors a lot. This includes things other than good images.

’Perhaps it is the time I spend outdoors on weekdays in nice weather that is the reason why the annual darkness does not depress me almost at all’.

In photography Sara is inspired by stories and moments: ’Ever since I was little, I have interpreted the world among other things via combinations of colours, lights and shadows. I stop at beautiful things to admire them, also without the lens of a camera’, Sara says.


Sara got interested in photography as a high school student. She names curiosity and great desire to learn as the best teachers that have helped her to develop her skills in the course of years.

’A great number of repetitions, that has made me find my own style gradually!’, Sara sums up. 

Urban photography is one of Sara’s eternal favourites. In addition to buildings, Sara shoots in a versatile manner anything from editorials and decoration images to food and nature pictures. 

’I don’t actually label myself ever, not even in the field of photography!’.

The many different aspects and places in Finland inspire also Sara. One, however, stands out above the others: ’I think I’m at my best in finding beauty everywhere. Last summer we scoured small towns on the west coast of Finland, and how wonderful places we could find! Nevertheless, if I should name one that stands out above others, in that case I have a very special emotional bond with the region of Lake Saimaa where I was born’.

Finland | lux – timeless merino wool collection 

Lux is a modern merino wool collection, consisting of garments that suit both daily and festive use. Lux garments are made of 100% combed merino wool. Beautiful classic cuts ensure the fact that it is easy to combine the clothes, and they remain elegant, from season to another. 


The core idea of the collection is adaptability. A few garments enable you to create several nice outfit entities that are easy to style for different occasions. Timeless and versatile characteristics arise from the values of sustainable fashion. 


Lux collection has been designed and manufactured in Finland. This collection will not be renewed at the turn of the season, but instead, new models will be introduced to the collection in a prudent manner. Well-designed garments will keep up with the fashion for long. Lux garments are made of ethically produced, mulesing-free merino wool. 


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