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Thank you for your efforts for using mulesing free merino wool. I would still like to inquire how do you monitor your wool producers considering the matter to ensure that the rule is been followed?

You can buy merino wool as mulesing free or not. North Outdoor uses yarns produced by Südwolle Group in INTENSE PRO, ALL DAY, ACTIVE, SENSITIVE, ARCTIC and LAAVU collections. You can find more information in The best way to influence and monitor is to choose a reliable and well-known supplier.

What is the North Outdoor sizing?

North Outdoor clothes have a fair Nordic sizing. When choosing the clothing, it is important to notice that merino knit is very flexible. In the clothes, attention has been paid to the lengths so that thermal bridge cannot form in the back or that the sleeves or pants are not too short.

Can I use wool care agents such as lanolin for the base layer sets?

It is not recommended to use lanolin. For care of merino clothes, we recommend airing and a detergent suitable for washing wool.

Have substances that might cause allergies been used in the manufacturing of the products?

The materials of our products are Oeko-Tex certified, indicating that they do not contain substances harmful to health in contact with skin. Every product has a detailed specification, in which you can make sure which components the products contain, so that you can avoid allergenic materials.

I am interested in your products as they seem high-quality and you also brand your products as ethical. However, I wonder the relatively low price of your products in comparison with other brands. China is also the country of origin of many products, which combined with the relatively low price, can cause concerns. How do you make sure the well-being of the people behind the products?

We at North Outdoor want to act in accordance with responsible principles considering the acquisition of raw materials and the manufacture of the products. North Outdoor has been approved as a member of amfori BSCI in January 2019. The membership ensures us more knowledge, help and guidance related to responsible production of the products. To develop responsibility, we have performed amfori BSCI-auditions by a third party in all our overseas factories manufacturing the products of North Outdoor. You can find more information about amfori BSCI and the auditions in We also want to personally ensure the working conditions in Chinese factories. North Outdoor has hired a local employee who is constantly in contact with the Chinese factories. The aim of this action is to achieve closer cooperation and communications with the factories.

Is the wool North Outdoor uses organic merino wool? Do you use organic colours in the dyeing process?

We do not have organic certification either for the wool or dyeing. Our wool is Oeko-Tex-certified.

Small holes have appeared here and there in my base layer set. What causes that?

Holes in wool products are often caused by the following reasons:

  1. Clothes moths are undetectable and can live even in new apartmentsThe clothes moth larvae use natural fibres for their nutrition, and they cause holes in wool clothes especially during (summer) storage when the clothes are not being used actively. Wool clothes should be stored as clean in an enclosed space or in a tight package, in which moths do not have access.
  2. Wrong detergent causes holes in the wool knit. For the wash of wool clothes, we recommend a wool detergent with a pH under 7. Regular alkaline detergent solutions (pH over 7) may decrease the strength of wool fibres. The decrease in the strength of wool fibre often leads to holes in the knitting.
  3. Washing without a wash bag. Wool clothes should be hand washed or machine washed in a wash bag so that they would not get attached to buttons and zips of other clothes and get torn.
  4. Rubbing. 100% merino wool knit is more sensitive than synthetic or artificial textile materials. If your overcoat or sweater has inside pockets or sewn labels, their edges might rub the merino knit, which causes pilling and holes. Holes in socks are mostly caused by the surface material of the floor as well as the user’s own pacing.

Why are some of the clothes produced in China?

Our base layer sets are produced in our factories in China, because so far there are no suitable knitting machines for producing thin layer knits in Finland in a capacity to cover our production volume. We are constantly searching opportunities to produce at least some of our products in Finland. At the moment the sweaters and accessories in the MADEINFINLAND collection are knitted in a Finnish factory.

Is the yarn of the seams in base layer sets merino wool?

Merino wool cannot be used as the yarn for the seams in base layer sets as it is not strong enough. We use polyester yarn.

There is a label of not using a rinsing agent in washing a base layer shirt. Isn’t it normally recommended to use a rinsing agent for fabrics containing wool to protect them from electrification?

We do not recommend a rinsing agent for wool clothes as it felts the merino yarn. Merino wool is an antistatic natural fibre. The electrification problem should not occur if the knit is cared properly.

How is wool produced from sheep? Are the sheep hurt?

The shearer cuts of the woollen fleece of the sheep with a shearing machine. A shearing machine is of its looks and functions like a big hair clipper. Sheep are not hurt during the procedure. The sheep also benefits of the shearing, as it gets rid of the heavy woollen fleece once or twice a year. The need for shearing is addressed too, as according to the Finnish Animal Protection Act; sheep have to be sheared at least once a year.