Hanki JR Sweater

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merino wool sweater for kids and youth
made in Finland

100% merino | 140g/m²

69,95 €


HANKI JR is a 100% merino sweater with crew neck, with sizing for children and youth. Here you’ve got a garment that is absolutely perfect for school, kindergarten or a birthday party. And if you wish to wear the same style with your junior, you’ll find the HANKI sweater in women’s collection, too. And the similar model MIILU is available in men’s collection. This easy care sweater fits a small space, which is particularly convenient when travelling.

Merino wool is 100% natural material obtained from merino sheep. Merino wool fibres bind warming air between skin and the covering layer. Natural fibres transfer moisture effectively away from skin. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, it is often enough to give the cloth airing, to make it fresh again. The merino wool used by North Outdoor is ethically produced mulesing free wool.

Product details

  • merino wool sweater for kids & youth
  • made in Finland
  • flexible, light and warm
  • breathable, antibacterial and moisture wicking
  • plain knit
  • for daily use and leisure
  • melange yarn
  • mulesing-free merino wool
  • ecological material


  • 100% merino wool
  • knit: 140g/m², single jersey
  • merino micron: 20.0


porridge grey

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