Aalto Merino Beanie

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merino wool beanie made in Finland

100% merino

49,95 €


Made in Finland, AALTO beanie is knitted of high-quality combed merino wool. This minimalistic elegant headgear is warm and breathable. The beanie is made of flexible rib knit, and it has a considerably folded brim. The soft knit made of combed merino yarn won’t tickle.

Fantastic Lux is an elegant collection consisting of timeless garments with a long life. The products are made of high-quality 100% combed merino wool, which feels luxuriously soft and smooth against your skin. All the garments in the Lux collection have been designed to match. You can wear these elegant merino textiles equally well in everyday life as in more festive occasions. The easy-care material is an advantage when travelling. The merino wool used by North Outdoor is ethically produced mulesing-free wool. The products are made in Finland. This collection is for sale only in North Outdoor’s online store.

Product details

  • made in Finland
  • flexible, light and warm
  • flexible, breathable, antibacterial and moisture transferring
  • made of fine combed yarn
  • mulesing free merino wool
  • ecological material


  • 100% merino wool
  • knit: 3/3 rib
  • merino micron: 19.0



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