Photographer Eeva Mäkinen took a view of Lake Kilpisjärvi for Nature collection

2.11.2021, Kati Jukarainen

North Outdoor’s extremely popular Nature collection consists of relaxed knitwear items and accessories for leisure. This collection made in Finland has got its inspiration from Nordic nature. Well-known photographer Eeva Mäkinen captured the impressive Nordic landscape for Nature collection. Take a look at the new image of Nature in this article.

It’s a magic moment when you capture a perfect image

The image captured for Nature collection on the hillside of Saana in Kilpisjärvi is in many ways personal for photographer Eeva Mäkinen: ‘The picture has been taken on the hillside of Saana in Kilpisjärvi during my 30th birthday trip. In my mom’s favourite landscape.’

By the time this picture had been taken, Mäkinen had already travelled a long road as a photographer. Besides the celebration, the moment and the trip itself were significant for the photographer for her development.

’This was one of those trips where I felt I had reached a point where I wanted to be, as far as photography was concerned. Of course, photography is a life-long journey; nevertheless, I feel that in a certain way there are levels that you remember in the arc of your development.’

There is a quiet and standstill feeling in the image taken for Nature collection. The view is breath-taking. These are the moments for which Mäkinen takes images. ’The magic moment that a photographer had succeeded in capturing as an image, it touched me already when I was very young’, Mäkinen told us.


Eeva Mäkinen is inspired by variations in weather and changing circumstances

As early as a little girl, Eeva Mäkinen admired wonderful pictures of birds at Liminka Nature Centre: ‘They fascinated me. All the colours, the simplicity and fragility of the images.’

Mäkinen did not plan to become a photographer. Instead, it all began from a hobby, when Mäkinen got herself a camera for her trips. ‘I never thought that I’d end up at being a professional photographer. Nature photographer, in particular, and I’m not that fully yet’, Mäkinen told us about the early stages of her career.

The decision to take up work in this field wasn’t simple for Mäkinen. ‘I’ve been taking images for over 12 years. To overcome insecurities and fears has been a great part of the process. And the thing that you dare to show your pictures to anyone. In such a male-dominated industry, I’m nervous about the feedback; nevertheless, fortunately, I had the courage and got the certainty to do this for living’.

The images for North Outdoor collections have been taken by the leading Finnish nature photographers. The image for Nature collection was taken by Eeva Mäkinen. Take a look at images taken by Eeva on Instagram, where she has the staggering 127 thousand followers.

Eeva Mäkinen is a long-term co-operation partner for North Outdoor. Major part of the images expressing feelings, taken for the brand are by no one else than Mäkinen. ‘There are many work trips where you take more shots of people in nature than mere nature itself’, Mäkinen opens up. 

As far as nature photography is concerned, Mäkinen is inspired by being in nature and learning from nature as well as continuous variation of weather and changing circumstances. Mäkinen prefers to take images near to her home. She feels that familiar environment leaves more space for creativity.

‘I often dream of having more time to take pictures of my current home region, because there usually is a strong emotional bond and story connected with those images. For this reason, I’ve lately made exceptions to my normal shooting plans, and replaced trips with targets just here by my home. The best thing in shooting images near home is the fact that you can be genuinely present exactly when you have the right conditions’, Mäkinen describes her situation. 

My favourite season for taking pictures is when summer is turning to autumn. What is then the best thing in August? ’The deep green tones of the late summer and misty mornings. I feel that nature is stopping then for a moment in place, before leaves are changing their colour and nature is preparing for autumn’, Mäkinen ponders. ‘Details and old natural forest are the things that I like to shoot every season’.


Eeva Mäkinen is an experienced wanderer in nature. Photo: Harri Tarvainen

Nature makes daily life better

The cornerstone of Nature is knitwear items made in Finland of 100% merino wool. The collection is complemented by a wide range of accessories and wool socks. And what could be nicer than sink oneself into a thick merino wool sweater? Extremely popular Nature knitwear items are available in several different models and colours. In design, we pay close attention to North Outdoor customers’ wishes and opinions. The collection pays respect to
Northern nature. All Nature products have a name that has got its inspiration from nature and the beautiful Finnish language.

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