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Perfect merino knitwear

21.12.2020, Karoliina Borodavkin

A high-quality merino garment is always soft and warm. North Outdoor’s merino garments made in Finland are of high quality. They are responsibly manufactured, and with proper care, they’ll have a long life. We believe in merino wool. It is important for us that our main raw material is a high-quality natural fibre that matches our values. One more elegant than the other, our Scandinavian minimalistic FINLAND | nature collection offers knitted garments for several purposes.

Versatile merino garment

100% merino garment is the choice of a person who is aware of quality. The best thing in merino garments is their versatility. Because merino wool balances temperatures, you can  wear merino sweaters all year long. When it is warm, the material feels cool, and when it is cold, it feels warm. North Outdoor garments are elegant in a simple way. Therefore, they suit equally well for everyday use as for outdoor activities. It all depends on what you wear with a merino garment.

Each garment, detail and purpose of use has been designed in Finland, for the varying Northern circumstances, and North Outdoor’s wide product range is continuously growing. Our most popular items are the oversize models KOTA, VASKI and VILJA. Loose KASKI sweater has also been a long-term favourite. We listen closely to our customers’ wishes and try to fulfil them. A number of tones and models have got their inspiration from our active customers.


A high-quality merino knitwear item is soft, breathable and warm.

Sporty merino garment for outdoor activities

You’ll find several models particularly well suited for outdoor activities in North Outdoor’s collections. Thanks to their flexible rib-knit, tight fitting KIIRUNA and METSO suit perfectly for different body types. Thanks to their optimal fitting, these garments are easy to choose for dressing in layers. A good knitwear item does not feel too tight or clumsy under the shell layer when exercising outdoors. Breathing merino wool balances body temperature, and for this reason, you’ll feel comfortable all the time. You can benefit layering optimally when exercising outdoors, when you combine a merino knitwear item with a merino wool baselayer set or T-shirt.

Merino wool is warm also when slightly moist. Therefore, sweating won’t matter. Merino wool has several good properties. Antistatic by nature, a merino garment is comfortable to wear. Thanks to being antibacterial, these garments won’t collect odours. To freshen the garments, it is often enough to give them mere airing, which will take away even the odours of sweat and smoke.


You’ll find several merino garments designed for men in North Outdoor’s collection. Light grey KASKI shown in the image.

Merino knitwear item is just the perfect choice for these purposes:

● for a hike (it can be worn as a midlayer, and without the shell, too)
● to bring extra warmth, when cooling down or for a pause in high intensity winter sports
● for hunting and ice-fishing
● for riding and working in the stable
● for activities with dogs (for walks, agility, obedience trials, tracing, etc.)
● for orienteering
● for being outdoors with children and for unheated stands in sports events (ice-hockey, skating, soccer, etc.)

Merino knitwear – proper care

The most important care measure of merino knitwear is to give the cloth airing. Merino wool needs washing very seldom, as the antibacterial wool fibre rejects dirt by nature. You should, however, wash small stains and dark spots by hand as soon as you notice them. If a garment seems to need washing, you can wash the whole item by hand using wool detergent. Squeeze most water gently out of a damp cloth. You may also roll a thicker knitwear item inside a terry towel. Always prefer flat drying on a rack. Be careful not to over stretch a merino garment. You may iron wool clothes on the reverse side by steaming gently through a moist garment. A new knitted garment may get slightly pilled. The knit will benefit brushing of the pilling that you can do for example with a pilling comb. This characteristic will stabilise with time, and pilling will be less frequent than in the beginning.

Merino knitwear items cleanse themselves in fresh air, which considerably reduces the need for traditional wash. Airing removes even the odour of smoke and sweat.


North Outdoor’s merino garments are made in Finland. You can wear versatile merino garments in every season.

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