North Outdoor – Design from Finland

6.11.2021, Karoliina Borodavkin

North Outdoor belongs to the Design from Finland family. The mark tells you that North Outdoor’s products have been designed responsibly and professionally in Finland. A strongly Finnish company waves the flag also for Finnish work. This means that the company employs several Finnish small companies and freelancers.

Design from Finland mark tells us that North Outdoor’s all products and service is
designed and refined in Finland.

Finnish design

Design from Finland’s blue ball logo is familiar to many of us. It is a symbol of a professionally proud Finnish enterprise whose products and service have been refined and perfected in Finland. First of all, the mark makes Finnish design visible. The Design from Finland mark arouses interest also abroad, where Finnish design and service is a guarantee of quality. Finns’ unique design is considered exotic outside their borders.

The companies that have been awarded with the mark open their product chain transparently being honest about the country of origin of their products and circumstances in factories. North Outdoor does this, too. The company has production in three Finnish knitteries. Those products that cannot be manufactured in Finland are produced responsibly in China. Because working conditions are for North Outdoor an equally important value both in Finland and in China, amfori BSCI has provided assistance for the evaluation of the circumstances in the Chinese factories. The classifications and evaluations of North Outdoor’s factories are visible on the company’s website.

North Outdoor’s core team works in close co-operation with a group of Finnish
experts from whom the company buys services regularly.

Several of North Outdoor’s most popular products are made in Finland. “It is great that we can employ Finnish knitteries. There are, however, not factories and equipment for all our products to enable us to produce everything locally. For this reason, some of our products are manufactured in China. It is important for us that working conditions in our factories are
in order. Therefore, we visit the factories personally in normal conditions and we use a well-known outside party to evaluate the factories. North Outdoor has also an own employee in China, working in cooperation with our factories. For us, it is magnificent that we can open up these things on our company’s website”, tells us Teemu Kattilakoski, one of the two principal owners of North Outdoor.


Finnish work

North Outdoor appreciates Finnish work and craftsmanship. The core team is in close co-operation with a group of Finnish experts, from whom North Outdoor buys services. “We work continuously in co-operation with several photographers, make-up artists, organizers of shooting sessions and models. We buy also regularly services from a writer, a graphic designer and printing houses. We have good experiences of the services of both traditional and digital marketing. The present-day freelance culture allows us to use several high-quality services”, Teemu opens up the company’s structure.

The most important piece in the puzzle is local knitteries that manufacture for example the hefty merino wool garments loved by Finns. “Our most popular Finnish product is Kaski, which is a timeless sweater made of 100% merino wool. It feels so great to be able to say that it is made in Finland”, continues Teemu. Merino wool sweater Kaski is available for both men and women, and there are already several colours available.

North Outdoor employs several Finnish freelancers and small companies.

“Finnish design and the use of Finnish work allow us also to react flexibly. We receive a lot of colour wishes from our customers regarding our merino garments. It is a pleasure to make them come true, sometimes with a rapid schedule, too”, closes Teemu.

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