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Mother’s Day Gift ideas

28.4.2021, Kati Prusi

Every mother deserves some pampering on the threshold of Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day will be celebrated this year on May 9, 2021. A garment made of merino wool is a gift that will be appreciated and certainly have use. Besides this, a merino garment will bring warmth to the recipient of the gift for a long time afterwards. Pick the best gift ideas up out of our article for Mother’s Day!

For a mother particularly sensitive to the cold

One of the best-known characteristics of merino wool is its unsurpassable ability to warm. A garment made of merino wool keeps the person wearing it warm more effectively than any garment made of man-made fibres. This means that merino wool is the perfect choice for any person particularly sensitive to the cold. In our Finland | Nature collection you’ll find a wide range of 100 % merino wool sweaters, which all have been designed and manufactured in a Finnish knittery.

1. Tuohi is a seamless sweater with a relaxed polo neck.
2. Thin and breathable Aapa is a classic merino sweater with an elegant V-neck.
3. Koivu is a close-fitting merino dress with a hem extending to knees.

For an elegant and trend-conscious mother 

The products in North Outdoor’s Finland | Lux collection are made of high-quality combed merino wool, which feels luxuriously soft against the skin. All the products in the Lux collection have been designed and made in Finland. Therefore, Lux collection is the choice of those who appreciate elegance and quality. The ’common thread’ in the collection is the versatility of the products and the ability to combine them. The garments in the Lux collection are timeless, and there are several wonderful gift ideas in the collection for a mother who appreciates style and quality.

1. Saarni is a thin and elegant sweater with a beautiful lace pattern.
2. Classic pencil skirt Pilvi is a timeless and constantly elegant choice.
3. Kastanja dress with a bell hem is made of high-quality combed merino wool.

For sporty and active life 

Merino wool is an excellent material for sports garments. Merino wool has a natural ability to cleanse itself in the fresh air. Merino wool is also antibacterial by nature, which means that it repels dirt and odours by nature. A sports garment made of merino wool does not need washing after every use, but instead, it is often enough to give the garment airing after use. The garments in North Outdoor’s Intense pro and All day collections have been designed for an active life style. The high-quality merino-bamboo knit in the products ensures their excellent breathability and effective moisture transfer.  

1. The long sleeve shirt in Intense pro collection is a light and breathable choice for an active lifestyle.
2. The hoodie in All day collection is designed for relaxed leisure time use.
3. Dia dress in All day collection is a relaxed and elegant choice for the summer.

Gift card

Do you find it challenging to choose the exactly right product that the recipient of the gift will certainly appreciate? Give her a freedom of choice – North Outdoor’s gift card is always a certain choice! Thanks to the gift card, the recipient of the gift will have the chance to choose the product she likes the best among several merino wool alternatives. A gift card can also be delivered directly to the e-mail address of the recipient of the gift, which means that gift arrives very rapidly to its destination. A gift card will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Merino wool is the choice of those who appreciate quality

Merino wool is an extremely high-quality material. The fibres of merino wool are long and elastic, and considerably thinner than those of traditional lambswool. A product made of merino wool will last from one season to another, when properly cared for. As a natural fibre, merino wool is antibacterial by nature, which means that dirt and odours won’t stick to merino garments. The most important care measure of a merino product is airing. Merino wool has also a natural ability to adapt to variations in the temperature. Thanks to this characteristic, merino wool also cools skin effectively when the temperature rises. Due to this, a merino garment is an excellent choice to be worn in summer, too!

We offer now an extended return right until Mother’s Day! We’ll grant an extended return right to all orders placed at the latest on Sunday, May 9, 2021 until May 23, 2021.