14.1.2021, Karoliina Borodavkin

Merino wool socks are the best in the world! When you combine warmth, breathability and antibacterial characteristics, that’s the real thing. Merino socks in various models allow us to get maximum benefits of merino wool.

Knee high merino wool socks

Knee high socks are suitable for many different sports and purposes of use. These socks are at their best when you need extra warmth also for your legs. A long leg protects ankles effectively. A close-fitting sock won’t get rolled in use. Therefore, knee high socks are an excellent choice also to be worn in boots.

Intense Pro socks suit perfectly for winter sports.

Knee high socks are perfect also for spending time at home and for example for yoga. Roll the socks to your ankles or pull the legs straight. As far as our socks are concerned, MERINO 90 is a particularly popular model for wearing at home – both knee high and mid-calf lengths.

Try knee high merino wool socks for these purposes of use:

● hunting
● ice-fishing
● cross-country skiing
● downhill skiing
● winter running
● yoga
● hiking
● spending time in wilderness and outdoors
● staying at home
● boot socks

Thin merino wool socks

Thin merino wool socks are multi-purpose socks that can be worn in daily life, outdoor activities and sports. The antibacterial socks don’t collect odours, which makes the socks even more comfortable to wear. You can use thin merino socks as such or as under-socks in layering.

And there are many thin socks to choose from. In North Outdoor’s collections, there are merino socks with different lengths, from low cut ones to knee high socks. The thickness of socks may also vary. You’ll find the perfect sports sock in the Intense Pro collection. MERINO 60 for its part is just the right sock to be worn in daily activities. Thanks to its dark colour, MERINO 60 can also be worn as a dress sock.

MERINO 70 socks function as such or as under-socks in layering.

Dress in layers!

The same possibility and functionality of dressing in layers applies to socks as well as for other dressing. Air between layers increases warmth considerably. The most important thing is to choose the right socks for the purpose of use. One of the best properties of merino wool is its ability to transfer moisture effectively. Merino wool socks don’t ever feel cold – not even when they are slightly moist. Dressing in layers also allows adjustment. If you are getting hot, you can always take the second layer off. Layering gives you also a chance to get more out of merino socks. Thin and thick socks function as such or as an extremely warm combination.

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