Merino wool dress is a perfect choice for the summer

13.4.2022, Kati Jukarainen

Despite of its name, a merino wool dress is one of the best choices for the spring and summer. The thin knit feels soft against the skin, is breathable and flexible. The comfortable material and North Outdoor’s new lovely models ensure that a merino wool dress will be the most frequently used garment this summer. 


A perfect dress makes you smile.

The best dresses for the spring

The nicest dresses for the spring are made of merino fleece, which is North Outdoor’s new material for the spring. Brushed from the inside, merino fleece feels particularly soft. As far as its appearance is concerned, it reminds of traditional college wear. Merino fleece dresses are particularly flexible, breathable and light.

New products for the summer

North Outdoor’s spring collection introduces entirely new models and new colours for previously launched dresses. There are models to choose from! There, however, are only a limited number of these dresses, and therefore, you should be fast to get yourself one.

Perfect against the skin 

A high-quality merino dress made of a thin knit feels wonderfully soft! The knit balances the temperature, and for this reason, the dress feels comfortably cool. On a cool summer evening this dress, however, is warmer than a thin dress made of other materials. Nevertheless, the best thing is how the knit feels, pampering even the most sensitive skin. 

Unlike traditional lambswool, merino wool knit is non-tickling and soft. The particularly long and thin fibre structure of merino wool makes it possible to produce thin and smooth knits. You may even forget that the fabric of a merino wool dress is of wool – the knit is so fine.  

Thanks to its unique fibre structure, merino knit is considerably more flexible, lighter and softer compared with traditional lambswool.

Don’t forget to pay attention also to the coarseness of merino wool, which is indicated in the product details. Coarseness is indicated as microns. The 17.2 micron knit used in North Outdoor’s dresses is particularly smooth, and for this reason, the knit of the dress won’t tickle.


All day 200 merino wool dress is a dress without sleeves, with a bell-like hem. 

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