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Merino wool changing the world

19.9.2018, Karoliina Borodavkin

Merino wool is the natural fibre with the superior performance in our time, challenging synthetic warmers with flying colours. Thanks to merino wool, in addition to a breathable and super warm garment, you’ll also get a good conscience into the bargain.

Merino wool is nature’s own innovation. Merino sheep living in austere circumstances have developed an exceptional fleece in the course of time, and the benefits of this wool cover can be refined also in textile industry.  All the merino wool used in garments is collected from areas where merino sheep thrive. The breed is kept in New Zealand and for example in Australia and South Africa. Merino sheep are native to the changing weathers of the Southern Alps in New Zealand, where temperatures may vary by tens of degrees from summer to winter.

A warm garment & clear conscience

Because merino wool as such contains all the technical characteristics needed for the layers used in dressing in layers, there is no need to add synthetic fibres or first of all plastic to the garments. A merino garment worn out or lost during a hike will not add load to the waste disposal system or form accruals of plastic waste in waterways. A natural fibre will decompose entirely along with time.

North Outdoor leans firmly on the principles of sustainable development. Clothes have been designed in a manner where the basic product line will remain almost the same year after year. Colours won’t change every season. Instead, new products chosen with care will be introduced every now and then to supplement the basic product line. You’ll find a proven product you can rely on still after a couple of years. You can wear the garments individually or as a part of layering. There are several options how to combine products. For this reason, the number of outfits always is more than the sum of its parts.

Responsibility has been taken into account also in the breeding of sheep. The wool used by North Outdoor is always mulesing free and Oeko-Tex certified.

Read more about the properties of merino wool and layering here.

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