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Merino wool and bamboo for sensitive skin

10.10.2019, Karoliina Borodavkin

North Outdoor warmly recommends merino wool and bamboo for sensitive skin. Soft merino wool suits most people who find lambswool uncomfortable. For this need, North Outdoor designed SENSITIVE baselayer set which makes use of the best sides of bamboo and merino knit.

Merino wool and bamboo

SENSITIVE line has been designed particularly for persons with highly sensitive skin, who find all kinds of wool irritating skin. The products have a non-tickling bamboo knit against skin. On top of it, there is warm and breathable merino wool knit.

Soft bamboo knit

Bamboo has several similar good characteristics as merino wool has. Like merino, bamboo viscose is antistatic, soft and breathable. In addition to this, bamboo transfers moisture effectively away from skin. Over time, bamboo has become a popular material also in babies’ and adults’ baselayer items. Bamboo is a more ecological choice than man-made fibres. Robust and thrifty plant consumes almost four times less water than cotton. Bamboo is a natural raw material, and bamboo viscose can be processed from bamboo cellulose. Because bamboo viscose is not a plastic-based man-made fibre (such as polyester or acryl); it won’t increase the microplastic load in the nature.

Nature based bamboo viscose is a renewable raw material. Regardless of that, bamboo viscose is classified as a man-made fibre due to its manufacturing process. The ecological nature of the raw material is supported by the fact that bamboo is one of the thriftiest true grasses in the world, and neither fertilizers, pesticides nor irrigation is needed to cultivate it. Because a totally ecological textile does not exist, it is worth considering, which alternative is the least bad one. The facts mentioned above support the use of bamboo viscose, if the alternative raw material is plastic (polyester, polyamide, acryl).


Bamboo knit is very suitable to be used together with merino knit. Two layers of knits form a single knitted fabric, which is simultaneously tight, flexible and breathable.

SENSITIVE line pampers your skin

You should be careful when selecting a baselayer, if you have sensitive skin. In addition to skin-friendly bamboo knit, in SENSITIVE line, there are flat-knitted seams that won’t chafe your skin. When there is bamboo knit against skin, you can wear merino wool over it without any concern. This way, you can make use of the best sides of both natural fibres.

There are women’s sizes available from 2XS to 2XL, and men’s sizes from S to 3XL. There are children’s sizes available from 74 to 116, and youth sizes from 122 to 152.

When it is freezing cold, combine a SENSITIVE baselayer set with a merino wool midlayer. For instance ARCTIC midlayer set is suitable over a SENSITIVE baselayer set.

SENSITIVE line contains baselayer sets for women, men, youth and children. In addition to baselayer sets, there are tube scarves and balaclavas available. Products are available in melange grey and black. The colour of bamboo knit in the baselayer set varies. In the picture: SENSITIVE balaclava and LAAVU jumpsuit.

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Try merino wool and bamboo for sensitive skin

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