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Dress according to the weather when going out with a dog

4.12.2019, Karoliina Borodavkin

Dress according to the weather when going out with a dog. You’ll enjoy being outdoors more when you don’t have to freeze in the cold wind, sub-zero temperatures or in the rain. When you get yourself a dog friend, you’ll have to go outside every day– rain or shine!


The foundation for all is a baselayer. You’ll find many good alternatives in the North Outdoor product range.

Three layers

Dressing up in layers is based on a baselayer. You’ll get the most of the benefits of merino wool when you wear merino next to skin. Breathable merino wool feels always warm – also when slightly moist. The reason for this is the fact that merino wool transfers moisture effectively away from the skin, and the moisture evaporates into the air. You’ll get most out of this characteristic when you choose a breathing shell layer which doesn’t pack moisture into itself. There are several different kinds of baselayer sets available. 100% merino wool ACTIVE (knit weight 210 g/m²) is a good basic set to be worn all year long. Those who enjoy running select a lightweight INTENSE baselayer set which is suitable for mild autumn weather and for exercise increasing heart rate in the winter. Those with a sensitive skin choose SENSITIVE line made of merino-bamboo knit, where the underside of the double knit, next to skin, is of soft bamboo.

A midlayer is worn over the baselayer. The weight of merino knit tells often the purpose of use of the product. The versatile and thick-knitted ARCTIC baselayer set, weighing 260 grams per quadratmeter, is a very warm choice. Closely fitting ARCTIC functions also as a baselayer set when you wish to put on only a single, particularly warm baselayer set. The way people experience cold is very individual. For some people, a mere baselayer set is enough to provide additional warmth in wintertime, others put base- and midlayer sets over one another as early as in autumn weathers. Another option for a 100% merino wool midlayer is the jacket and pants of LAAVU line, resembling leisurewear. The knit used in
them is terry knit.


You’ll find several different sweaters in North Outdoor’s MADEINFINLAND collection that are lightweight and are suitable to be worn under the jacket. Warm and
closely fitting METSO sweater with a high zipped collar is very popular!

In addition to the merino wool layers, you’ll need a waterproof shell layer and shoes providing a good grip on icy surfaces. Good shell jackets and pants breathe, and there is room for 2–3 merino wool layers underneath. Thanks to flexible and well-fitting merino wool layers, it is comfortable and easy to move. Those spending time outdoors with their dogs take care of their health choosing shoes with a spiked or friction sole for winter circumstances.

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