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base layer INTENSE

Light and breathable INTENSE line is made of high quality natural raw materials. The products have been knitted of merino-bamboo yarn. Clothes made of a thin knit have been designed for cool mid-season weather and to be worn as base layer in mid-winter outdoor activities increasing heartbeat.

base layer ACTIVE

ACTIVE line is of 100% merino wool, which is an ecological alternative for textiles made of man-made fibres. A knit made of natural fibres feels always warm and dry, even when it is damp. Thanks to the long and flexible structure of merino fibre, the products are thin and closely fitting. The versatile line is suitable for outdoor activities, sports and outdoor work.

base layer SENSITIVE

SENSITIVE line has been designed particularly for very sensitive persons who find all types of wool irritating their skin. The products of the line have a non-tickling bamboo fiber knit on the inside. Thermal insulation, transfer of moisture and antibacterial properties are guaranteed by the merino-bamboo knit.

midlayer ARCTIC

The thick merino knit of the ARCTIC line is of 100% merino wool. The line has been designed for the demanding Northern circumstances to protect from the cold and moist. The classic of wearing layers is perfect over a merino-wool base layer. Thick Arctic clothes can also be worn directly against the skin.

midlayer LAAVU

LAAVU is a good looking and thick mid layer product line. High quality clothes that feel comfortable are of terry knit made of 100% merino wool. Merino clothes are suitable also for casual everyday use.


The clothes and garments in the MADEINFINLAND line are manufactured in a traditional Finnish knittery. All the multipurpose knitwear items are made of 100% merino wool. New products and colors will be added to the line also on our customers’ request in close cooperation with the master designer of our knittery. These minimalistic, Scandinavian garments can be worn in the city, in the office and in leisure. The collection includes items suitable for hunters and hikers as well as motorists.


North Outdoor accessories have been designed for the demanding Northern circumstances. Soft merino knit wicking moisture away from the skin feels comfortable and is warm in freezing cold temperatures. Thanks to their antibacterial quality, it is often enough to give the accessories airing, to make them fresh again. Proper equipment makes it possible to exercise and move outdoors in any weather.


The characteristics common to North Outdoor socks are the warmth and breathability of merino wool. Thanks to their antibacterial quality, it is often enough to give the socks airing, to make them fresh again. Breathable merino wool knit feels always dry, transferring moisture effectively away from the skin. The line consists of thin socks for everyday use, sports and to be worn as under-socks. The thicker socks are excellent for keeping you warm.