Characteristics of merino wool


Merino wool is 100% natural product, which is obtained from merino sheep. The functionality of merino as a fibre has made it one of the most sought for materials in cold and moist circumstances.


Merino wool is by nature antibacterial. It does not collect odours to itself. It is often enough to give the cloth airing, to make it fresh again.


Even a thin layer of merino wool warms more effectively than any man-made fibre.


Merino wool fibre can absorb moisture an amount equal to 30% of its own weight, the fibre still feeling dry against the skin.


Thanks to the special structure of merino yarn, it is possible to make flexible and thin knits and fabrics of it. Thin and adapting merino clothes suit for wearing layers thanks to their good fitting and comfort.


The use of merino wool in textile industry will reduce the plastic load of the world. When it is necessary to demolish wool fibre, it will decompose naturally over the years and release the nutrients back to the soil.


Merino wool is a breathable natural fibre which reacts to the body temperature. When it is cold, a merino wool garment feels warm, when it is warm, it feels cool.


Merino wool transfers moisture effectively, evaporating it into the air.


Merino wool fibre is very long and really thin. It is not itchy like thicker wool types, but instead, it feels nice and soft against the skin.


Wool requires a temperature of 570–600 degrees Celsius to catch fire, whereas cotton catches fire already at 225 degrees. Wool does not melt either, which means that it cannot stick to one’s skin when catching fire, like many synthetic materials do. Because of its fire safety, wool is utilized to a great extent in public premises, such as hotels and airports.

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