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Kati Jukarainen from Huvila & Huussi reveals why cottage-life is the very best thing

Even though Kati Jukarainen wishes cottage-life to be easy, she is also willing to head for a camping trip in the middle of a cottage holiday. Read what is Kati’s favourite activity at the cottage.

Kati Jukarainen #summercottage #summerclothing #outdoors #katijukarainen

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Merino wool dress is a perfect choice for the summer

A thin merino wool dress feels soft against the skin, breathable and flexible. Thanks to the comfortable material and North Outdoor’s new lovely models, a merino wool dress will be the most frequently used garment this summer.

Kati Jukarainen

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Got carried away with paddling – Read about wilderness guide Noora Peteri’s amazing experiences

Coming from a small village called Sirkka, Noora Peteri lives her dream as a paddling guide on Svalbard and on Antarctica. Read more about Noora’s wild paddling adventures.

Kati Jukarainen

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Wool fleece made of merino wool – A new innovation challenging traditional fleece and college

Wool fleece is a breakthrough that has been looked forward to! The result of a year’s product d...

Kati Jukarainen #woolfleece #merinofleece

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A sweater is now made of merino wool

A sweater is Finns’ perennial favourite. For those who appreciate quality, the choice is a merino wool sweater. Say goodbye to itching and invest in a soft merino wool sweater!

Kati Jukarainen #sweater #merinosweater

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Equestrian hobby brings well-being and balance to one’s life

Equestrian hobby is versatile, enjoyable and rewarding. At the same time, the activity brings along comprehensive well-being and teaches the enthusiast responsibility. Wellness trainer Kanerva Ahonala has been horse riding all her life. Icelandic horses in particular are close to Kanerva’s heart.

Kati Prusi #equestrian sports #Icelandic horses #gait riding

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Ice fishing is a popular winter activity in the land of thousand lakes

Ice fishing is an easy-going activity. Besides the refreshing it provides to a person’s mind, v...

Kati Jukarainen #icefishing

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Sara Vanninen loves old buildings – the image for Lux collection was captured in Helsinki

Sara Vanninen captured a magnificent city image for the Lux merino wool collection. Read the article and take a look at the new image of the collection.

Kati Jukarainen #saravanninen #lux

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Freediver Johanna Nordblad does not fear cold water – Merino baselayer set is also Johanna’s favourite

Johanna Nordblad swims in natural waters all year round. The world record holder of under ice diving is completely in her element in cold waters.

Kati Jukarainen #johannanordblad #freediving #winterswimming

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Did you get a hole in your knit? Read 5 + 1 tips how to care and mend your garments successfully

Did you get a hole in your knit? Read 5 + 1 tips how to care and mend your merino garments successfully

Kati Jukarainen #patching #merino knit #mending #merino wool

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The frost image for Arctic collection was captured by nature photographer Konsta Linkola

Arctic is a merino wo...

Kati Jukarainen #konstalinkola #arctic

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Terhi Tuovinen had only a moment’s time window to capture the impressive image for Intense pro collection

Intense pro is a merino wool collection for active persons. The products of this versatile coll...

Kati Jukarainen #terhituovinen #intensepro

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When dog hobby carries you away – Anu and Linda Hausen think that special tracking is the very best thing!

Scent trailing is a dog hobby where a person and a dog work as partners. Anu and Linda Hausen are a mother and a daug...

Kati Jukarainen #tracking #doghobby #specialtracking #dogs

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The misty National Landscape of Koli was captured by Harri Tarvainen for the package of Sensitive collection

Sensitive collection is a merino wool collection designed for those with particularly sensitive...

Kati Jukarainen #harritarvainen #sensitive

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The image for Active collection shows the surge of Myllykoski Rapids in Kuusamo National Park, captured by photographer Daniel Taipale

Active is a merino wool collection designed for active life. The collection consists of 100% merino wool baselayer ga...

Kati Jukarainen #active #danieltaipale