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Mother’s Day Gift ideas

Every mother deserves some pampering on the threshold of Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day will be celebrated this year on May 9, 2021. A garment made of merino wool is a gift that will be appreciated and certainly have use. Besides this, a merino garment will bring warmth to the recipient of the gift for a long time afterwards. Pick the best gift ideas up out of our article for Mother’s Day!

Kati Prusi #mothersday

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A merino wool beanie made in Finland is the best protection against cold

A warm and fitting merino wool beanie is one of the best accessories for the winter season. North Outdoor’s beanie collection has been designed for the demanding and varying circumstances of the North. Don’t let the winter and frost slow you down, but instead, get yourself a warm high-quality merino wool beanie!

Kati Prusi #wool beanie #merino beanie #merinowool beanie

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4 good reasons to choose merino wool for sports

Choose merino wool for sports. The material offers by nature all those properties that have been favoured by sports textile manufactures for years. An ecological alternative puts man-made fibres to shame. In addition to a high-quality sports garment, you’ll have good conscience, too.

Kati Prusi #sportswear #all day #sport #intense pro

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North Outdoor – Design from Finland

North Outdoor belongs to the Design from Finland family. The mark tells you that North
Outdoor’s products have been designed responsibly and professionally in Finland. A strongly
Finnish company waves the flag also for Finnish work.

Karoliina Borodavkin #design from finland

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Merino wool socks are the best in the world! When you combine warmth, breathability and antibacterial characteristics, that’s the real thing. Merino socks in various models allow us to get maximum benefits of merino wool.

Karoliina Borodavkin #woollen socks #merino wool socks #merino wool

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Perfect merino knitwear

A high-quality merino garment is always soft and warm. North Outdoor’s merino garments made in Finland are ...

Karoliina Borodavkin #knitwear #madeinfinland #merinowool

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INTENSE PRO – a new collection for active exercisers

High-quality INTENSE PRO merino wool garments have been designed for active exercise. The soft and breathable merino...

Karoliina Borodavkin #intense pro #baselayer #merinowool

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Would you rather choose merino wool or fleece?

Would you rather choose merino wool or fleece? Consumers have to do real detective work, if they aim at being respon...

Karoliina Borodavkin #merino wool #sustainability #fleece

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Dress according to the weather when going out with a dog

Dress according to the weather when going out with a dog. You’ll enjoy being outdoors more when you don’t have to freeze...

Karoliina Borodavkin #dogs #midlayer #baselayer #merinowool

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Merino wool and bamboo for sensitive skin

North Outdoor warmly recommends merino wool and bamboo for sensitive skin. Soft merino wool suits most people who find l...

Karoliina Borodavkin #bamboo #baselayer #sensitive #merinowool

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Merinowool midseason clothing for children and youth

Weather circumstances vary a lot in the autumn, and therefore, merino wool midseason garments offer a great relief t...

Karoliina Borodavkin #northoutdoor #saynocold #ecological #merinowool

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North Outdoor – A fresh breeze

North Outdoor has been owned by Pyka Oy, registered office in Oulu, since 2017. Along with the change in ownership, ...

Karoliina Borodavkin #pyka #finnish #nature #brand #northoutdoor #saynocold #ecological #merinowool

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Merino wool changing the world

Merino wool is the natural fibre with the superior performance in our time, challenging synthetic warmers with flyin...

Karoliina Borodavkin #ecological #layering #natural #merinowool #mulesingfree #merino