A sweater is now made of merino wool

14.3.2022, Kati Jukarainen

A sweater is Finns’ perennial favourite. In the varying Northern weather conditions, there is use for a warm and soft garment all year long. For those who appreciate quality, the choice is a merino wool sweater. Say goodbye to itching and invest in a soft merino wool sweater!


The sweaters in the Nature collection that are made in Finland are of 100% merino wool.

A sweater for every season 

There is difference between wools and sheep. The merino sheep have the softest wool in the world. For this reason, the sweater has got a number of new characteristics that make the garment more comfortable to wear.

Merino sheep live in exceptional weather circumstances, and this is the reason why their wool differs from that of other sheep. Merino sheep have evolved in the course of time to cope in the heat and the cold. The wool of merino sheep functions on the animal as a merino wool sweater on a person – it balances the temperature. Therefore, the sweater is particularly warm in winter, however cooler in summer.

A special characteristic of merino wool sweaters is their lightness. A sweater feels comfortably breathable and light when you wear it. For this reason, a merino wool sweater is perfect also for outdoor activities and to be worn in summer.

Merino wool is called the nature’s own technical fibre, not without a reason. In addition to the characteristic balancing heat, merino wool transfers moisture effectively away from the skin, is antibacterial, biodegradable and particularly soft. Thanks to these characteristics, the very best sweater in the world is made of merino wool. 

A merino sweater made in Finland 

The sweaters in North Outdoor’s Finland | nature collections are designed and manufactured in Finland. The extensive collection and choice of colours ensure that there is something for everyone. There are down to earth colours as well as changing, colourful seasonal colours available in the sweater models.

There are several models suitable for outdoor activities in the Nature collection. Close fitting sweaters can be worn perfectly under a shell jacket. The alternatives available are Koivu with a round neckline, Metso with a zip collar and Kaarna, with a low funnel neck.

Oversize sweaters in the Nature collection have been particularly popular among women. The thinner sweater called Vilja is one of the most popular models. Other popular models include Vaski with a funnel neck and Kota, equipped with a round neckline.

An all-time favourite in the Nature collection is Kaski. This loose-structured merino wool sweater has separate versions for women and men. There have also been those who prefer sweaters with a polo neck. There are the shorter model Tuohi and the longer one called Lunni available in the collection. 

A merino wool sweater – give it proper care

The most important care measure for a merino wool sweater is airing. Merino wool is a material antibacterial by nature, cleansing itself in a fresh air. Airing will remove even the odours of sweat and smoke. The material also repels dirt by nature.

Wash a sweater as seldom as possible, and only when the sweater seems to need a wash. Wash the sweater by hand with a wool detergent. After the rinse, squeeze most water out of the sweater. You may also roll a thicker knitted garment inside a terry towel. Always prefer flat drying for a sweater. Pull the sweater into shape and be careful not to overstretch it.

You don’t always have to wash the entire sweater. You should, however, wash small stains and darker spots by hand immediately after you have noticed them.

Slight pilling is characteristic to a new sweater. Use for example a lint comb to remove the pilling. This characteristic will be balanced in the course of time, and lint will not be formed as much as in the beginning.

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