A merino wool beanie made in Finland is the best protection against cold

7.11.2021, Kati Prusi

A warm and fitting merino wool beanie is one of the best accessories for the winter season. North Outdoor’s beanie collection has been designed for the demanding and varying circumstances of the North. Don’t let the winter and frost slow you down, but instead, get yourself a warm high-quality merino wool beanie! North Outdoor’s webstore is the place where you’ll find practical beanies for all kinds of outdoor activities, hiking, sports, hunting, and for a neater city outfit. 

Finland | Nature line beanies 

The 100% merino wool beanies in the Finland | Nature line are the choice of a responsible consumer. All the products included in the Nature collection are made in a Finnish knittery. Finnish nature and Finnishness function as the source of inspiration for the line. Our most popular beanie model, Kulo, belongs to the Nature collection. Thanks to its flexible rib knit, the hefty and warm Kulo fits well any head. This makes Kulo a popular model among both women and men. When choosing a beanie, you should pay attention to the thickness of the knit. There are several alternatives in the Nature line also for those who look for a thinner beanie. Even a thin merino wool knit warms more effectively than any beanie made of man-made fibres.

Pattern knit Aava is one of the thinnest beanie models in Nature line.

Finland | Lux line beanies 

Beanies in Finland | Lux collection are made of high-quality combed merino wool. The wool fibres in combed merino yarn have been combed together. When produced this way, the surface of the yarn is smoother and flatter. A merino wool beanie made of combed wool feels smooth as silk against your skin. Products made of this material suit more surely also for people with a sensitive skin. All the beanies in the Lux collection are made in Finland.

Aalto beanie

8 good reasons to choose North Outdoor’s merino wool beanie

  • FINNISH MADE – All the beanies in North Outdoor’s Finland | Nature and Finland | Lux collections are made in a Finnish knittery.
  • UNSURPASSABLE WARMING CAPACITY – Merino wool is well known for its warming capacity – even a thin merino wool beanie warms considerably more effectively than any beanie made of man-made fibres.
  • BREATHABLE – Merino wool fibres react to body temperature. In addition to its ability to warm, a merino wool beanie is also very breathable.
  • ANTIBACTERIAL – Merino wool is antibacterial by nature. The most important care measure for the product is airing.
  • ECOLOGICAL – Merino wool is a 100% natural product, and for this reason, an extremely ecological choice. All the merino wool used by us is mulesing free wool. 
  • EXCELLENT ABILITY TO TRANSFER MOISTURE – Merino wool fibre can absorb moisture an amount equal to 30% of its own weight. Merino wool also evaporates moisture effectively into the air. This means that a merino wool product is warm and comfortable to wear, even when it is moist.
  • WON’T TICKLE SKIN – Merino wool fibre is long and thin; therefore, it won’t tickle in a way thicker wool types do. Merino wool knit feels comfortable against the skin. 
  • WON’T ELECTRIFY HAIR – Merino wool is antistatic by nature. The material fights static electricity considerably more effectively than man-made fibres.

Headwear and dressing in layers

In extreme frost it is worth remembering the benefits offered by dressing in layers with regard to using headwear, too. You may put a merino wool balaclava under a warm merino wool beanie. This way, you can protect also cheeks, throat and neck, in addition to head. A balaclava is an optimal choice to wear under a helmet in several winter sports, such as skating, cross country skiing or downhill skiing. Try wearing a balaclava when riding your bike in winter, too! 

A merino wool balaclava is an optimal choice to wear under a helmet for example in downhill skiing.
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