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4 good reasons to choose merino wool for sports

10.2.2021, Kati Prusi

Choose merino wool for sports. The material offers by nature all those properties that have been favoured by sports textile manufactures for years. An ecological alternative puts man-made fibres to shame. In addition to a high-quality sports garment, you’ll have good conscience, too. Pick up the best tips from the article that tells you why merino wool is the perfect choice for sports and outdoor activities. 

Merino wool can absorb moisture an amount equal to 30 % of its own weight. For this reason, the material feels dry even when it is slightly moist. In addition to this, merino wool dries fast.

1. Merino wool warms and cools

Merino wool binds air to itself more effectively than any other fibre. The air bound to merino wool keeps you warm in cold circumstances. A merino wool garment is an excellent choice for varying weather conditions, because the material balances body temperature. Thanks to this characteristic, the garment feels warm when it is cold, and cool when it is hot. A merino wool base layer set is the winter favourite of many people; however, thin merino garments are a good choice to wear in summer, too. Try for example merino wool shorts and be surprised!

Merino wool is an excellent material for sportswear. Merino wool garments are suitable to be worn all year round. 

2. Get rid of stinking sportswear items

Merino wool is by nature an antibacterial fibre. This means that it will not collect dirt or odours. This is one of the best reasons to choose merino wool for sports. The material has also a natural ability to cleanse itself in fresh air. Mere airing is often a sufficient care measure for the garment. A sportswear item made of merino wool does not require washing as often as garments made of man-made fibres.

Bamboo goes naturally well together with merino wool, because natural fibres tend to have similar qualities. Among North Outdoor products, for example an All Day merino sweater is made of merino wool and bamboo. 

Hang a merino wool training shirt after a workout outside for a moment to give it airing. After a couple of hours, the shirt is completely odour-free”. 

3. Efficient moisture transfer

Merino wool transfers moisture effectively away from the skin to the next layers, from where the moisture evaporates into the air. For this reason, merino wool garments feel comfortable in high intensity training sessions both in winter and in summer. Thanks to this characteristic, the material is also very suitable for indoor sports. 

4. Merino knit is very flexible

Merino wool is a very thin and long fibre, and this allows the manufacturing of thin and very flexible knits. Designed for an active exerciser, North Outdoor’s Intense Pro line suits in a versatile manner for winter and summer sports. Besides merino wool, also bamboo has been used as the material for this line. Very thin knit suits even for the most sensitive skin. The running shorts, T-shirt and running shirt in the line have been designed to be worn especially in the summer season. This line includes also shirts, pants and hoodies suitable for different purposes of use.  

Designed for a relaxed and active life style, All Day line offers a wide range of elegant and sporty leisurewear garments. The advantage of this line is the versatility of the products – you can wear the same shirt both in sports and relaxed leisure activities. All Day line contains elegant merino wool hoodies, pants, shirts, shorts and tops. All Day pants for example have become very popular among North Outdoor’s customers. 

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